What’s coming out about Trump should scare you

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When your former Chief of Staff called Trump ‘unhinged, and his Secretary of State said he was a ‘moron’ while his chief strategist reportedly compared him to an ’11-year-old child who lost a step, you had better sit down. The fact that the Chief Military Officer had to reassure China that Trump could not launch an attack should scare you a lot!

How far gone was Trump? According to multiple insiders, Trump went on a rant about the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier because he didn’t like the design and the new launch system. Keep in mind that people were dying from COVID at the time. Add this all up, and this is indicative of a person who is not mentally well.

The Huffington Post is also reporting “Donald Trump flipped out at then-House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) for condemning white supremacists after the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, a new book claims. “These people love me. These are my people,” Trump raged at Ryan in response. “I can’t backstab the people who support me.”

Perhaps the most shocking information is that America’s most senior military commander took secret steps to limit Donald Trump’s power to launch nuclear weapons because he feared the president was unstable during his final days in office.

It is so scary that these allegations are not coming from Democrats; they come from Republicans who were part of his administration. Even Kevin McCarthy had a shouting match with Trump about several issues and worked behind the scenes to undermine him while Lindsey Graham says, “Trump has issues.

Of course, the MAGA crowd is attacking Biden’s mental state but I.”n on-the-record interviews, seven GOP senators who’ve met with Biden lately described him as cogent and well-versed on the issues they discussed. And none echoed the warnings many pro-Trump Republicans have issued about Biden amid the chatter about his stair-stepping acumen. “In the two meetings I was in with the president, he was as sharp as a tack,” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) said in an interview.

The Republican playbook is simple: if you lose an election, say it was fraud if news comes out about Trump’s mental unfairness attack Biden because of his age. People are getting hip to Republican tactics, and there are already signs that Trumpism is fading. Let’s hope it fades away…

What’s coming out about Trump should scare you

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