COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS: Lately, it seems that CNN is determined to grade President Biden like a scorecard at a baseball game. They are continually talking about his “poll numbers,” which don’t mean a thing. It’s time to ask what CNN’s motives are.

I realize that we live in an age of instant gratification because of the Internet. But does CNN need to run stories almost every day dramatize the Biden Presidency while still covering the lunatic orange psychopath? The reason they are running these stories is that people like tabloid trash news. In short, it leads to clicks which means more traffic for ad rates.

Voters want to blame everything on politicians, and sometimes they’re right, but they can be wrong as well. For example, President Biden has done all he can to get more people vaccinated, but the fringe Republicans tell their voters, “it’s their right to refuse.” In Texas, their ass of a Governor has prohibited mandates by corporations there. Here in Florida, our stupe of a Governor is fining a school district millions of dollars for mandating masks.

The talk now seems to be around inflation. The tabloid NY Post tried to partially blame inflation on government spending, which is a lie. Inflation is caused by supply chain and labor shortages. Costs are going up, and consumers are going to pay with higher product costs. CNN, however, would like us to think that everyone is blaming the Biden administration.

The other issue that seems out of control is the continued coverage of Republican loons. I’m not sure why any credible news site would cover anything these idiots say other than to warn us that there are people who are as dumb as rocks in Congress.

If we care about democracy and the truth, we need to stop reading news stories designed to infuriate us rather than inform and educate. Don’t let the media make your mind up for you. Always check the source of stories and decide yourself if the story is worthy of reflection. As for CNN, they can go to hell.

What the hell is wrong with CNN?

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