Trump: Clear and abundant evidence of criminal wrongdoing

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When the Senate Judiciary Committee’s interim report on Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss offers clear and abundant evidence of criminal wrongdoing, Trump should be arrested and put in jail.

(Raw Story) The Democratic-led committee’s 394-page document contains intricate details about the former president’s actions in the days after the presidential election was called for President Joe Biden. Several bombshell claims were revealed in the report, and ⁠— here are six key takeaways from it.

1. “President Trump repeatedly asked DOJ leadership to endorse his false claims that the election was stolen and to assist his efforts to overturn the election results.”

2. “White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows asked Acting Attorney General Rosen to initiate election fraud investigations on multiple occasions, violating longstanding restrictions on White House-DOJ communications about specific law enforcement matters.”

3. “After personally meeting with Trump, Jeffrey Bossert Clark [former Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division] pushed Rosen and Donoghue to assist Trump’s election subversion scheme — and told Rosen he would decline Trump’s potential offer to install him as Acting Attorney General if Rosen agreed to aid that scheme.”

4. “Trump allies with links to the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement and the January 6 insurrection participated in the pressure campaign against DOJ.”

5. “Trump forced the resignation of U.S. Attorney Byung Jin (‘BJay’) Pak, whom he believed was not doing enough to address false claims of election fraud in Georgia. Trump then went outside the line of succession when naming an Acting U.S. Attorney, bypassing First Assistant U.S. Attorney Kurt Erskine and instead of appointing Bobby Christine because he believed Christine would ‘do something about his election fraud claims.”

6. “By pursuing false claims of election fraud before votes were certified, DOJ deviated from longstanding practice meant to avoid inserting DOJ itself as an issue in the election.”

First of all, Thank You to Raw Story for publishing the above. There is simply NO EXCUSE for allowing this psychopath to remain free to enrich himself and disrupt our nation.

Only a psychopath

Fakes conspiracy theories and irrational, magical thinking.

He has been accused of sexually predatory behavior by at least 25 women.

Blames, scapegoats and gaslights as quickly as he breathes.

Undermines the vital role of the free press because he abhors oversight and accountability.

Lies and used anti-scientific advice and intentional downplaying of the coronavirus pandemic which led to countless American deaths.

Callous and cold and unfeeling because he has no conscience.

He denigrates and humiliates anyone and everyone in his path.

Has no respect for military heroes or renowned experts.

Is racist and xenophobic.

Incites violence and culture wars.

He is obsessed with power and adoration.

He is a greedy opportunist.

And these are his finer points. MAGA supporters are just as sick as he is.

Trump: Clear and abundant evidence of criminal wrongdoing

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