COMMON SENSE SAYS: When your opponent will do anything to retain power and put party above country, we must fight back and sign the air-raid sirens. The resistance must get louder and fight harder.

Robert Kagan wrote a great article on the current state of democracy and the Republican party. His argument can be reduced to two main elements. 

First, the Republican party is defined not by ideology but by its loyalty to Trump. 

Second, the last election’s amateurish “stop the steal” movement has now morphed into a well-advanced project. One part of this project is to remove officials who stopped Trump’s effort to reverse the results in 2020. But its main aim is to shift responsibility for deciding electoral outcomes to Republican-controlled legislatures.

Unfortunately, he is right.  The Republican party does not represent voters anymore.  They are the party of loons, cowards, and liars, and the media is helping them spread their propaganda.

The Washington Post made a good point about the Republican party.  They say the “media can stop enabling Republicans by retiring the pretense that the GOP is a normal, credible, and patriotic party. Consider the framing of questions that so many in the White House press corps have adopted”.

Why in the hell, for example, is the media reporting on anything Trump says since he lies as he breathes?  The reason is simple; writing psychopaths, rants make for good headlines and clicks.

The media’s obligation is not simply to record what Republicans say but to inform Americans if what they are saying is demonstrably false. It is not to decry “stalemate” or “dysfunction” but to explain which party is causing it.

To fight back, the Post says, “Democrats must project a greater sense of urgency about the fate of our democracy. They cannot rally their base and keep disaffected Republicans on board if they allow a senator or two to prioritize the filibuster over preserving our democracy. The White House must unequivocally condemn Republicans for unanimously refusing to debate voting rights bills and for unanimously opposing a measure that would preserve the treasury’s credit standing. Being deferential to politicians who operate in bad faith is no way to mobilize the electorate”.

This is true as well.  Democrats right now should be screaming bloody murder at what the Republicans are doing and how their block of the debt ceiling will lead to the loss of six million jobs.

This all goes back to one of my original points: Republicans know how to use power to their advantage, Democrats don’t.  You can forget all this unite the country bullshit because Republicans could care less.  They put their party above the country consistently.

The word needs to spread far and wide that Republicans are setting fire to the Constitution and democracy to retain power.  We, the resistance, will never give up the fight.

The resistance must never give up the fight

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