Republicans who continue to support Trump should think hard about how history will view them

COMMON SENSE SAYS: Republicans who continue to support Trump’s false and toxic claims of electoral victory should think hard about how history will view them as Trump was maneuvering behind the scenes, trying to weaponize his Justice Department to validate his already-disproven claims of election fraud.

Do people not understand that Trump came close to trashing our democracy? From inaccurately accusing Democrats of killing babies “up until the moment of birth” at a rally in Iowa to falsely claiming that Virginia’s governor supports executing babies “after birth,” Trump will say anything no matter how big the lie.

On top of all this, Putin used women to distract Trump. Fiona Hill claimed Putin found it easy to manipulate the former president by having beautiful women on hand to distract him. In one case, Putin selected one specific woman as their interpreter and made a point of introducing her to the former U.S. president.

Let’s be clear: Trump is an incompetent mental case that lies to get a rise out of his dumb ass supporters. What’s so disturbing is not the lies but the number of Republicans who go along with his lies because they fear his followers.

Every day I hope that the Attorney General will finally indict Trump. Still, even with definitive proof of his crimes and disregard for the Constitution, he is allowed to spew hatred and divide our country even more.

Not only are we learning more and more about Trump’s lies and attempts to overturn the election, his wife Melania is just as much a psychopath. Her lack of empathy is a textbook case of someone who has serious mental issues. Even if just a tiny portion of the stories about her are valid, it’s enough to make one cringe.

Democrats from their POV are sitting back trying to align their party while Republicans change voting laws and install “stop the steal” election deniers. We need to fight a lot harder to send Trump either to prison or irrelevance.

Republicans who continue to support Trump should think hard about how history will view them

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