Don’t believe the fall in Biden’s approval ratings

COMMON SENSE SAYS: The media loves polls. Run a headline with “Biden’s approval ratings falling,” and you’ll get readers. The problem is that the media loves to grade politicians like sports players.

According to “The Hill,” Biden’s approval has fallen, but there is not much consensus on how far. Recent polls have his approval ranging from 41 percent to 50 percent net approval to 46 percent to 55 percent net disapproval. His average support has fallen from a high of 55.1 percent approval in late March to a near-even approval-disapproval currently. Where Americans do agree is that the Biden administration has badly messed up its Afghanistan policy. In a CBS News survey, 74 percent believe the withdrawal has gone badly, including 62 percent Democrats. The recent YouGov benchmark poll has disapproval at 68 percent to just 16 percent approve, including majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.”

OMG! It’s time to panic! Actually, no.

Both Clinton and Obama saw initial strong approval ratings after 100 days, Clinton at 55 percent positive and Obama at 65 percent positive. Yet both saw their approvals fall into the low 40 percent range by mid-term election day.

The Hill

First, let’s look at a couple of things:

1ne: COVID – Biden has pretty much done all he can do to fight the idiots who refuse to get vaccinated. Republican Governors are making stupid decisions that guarantee more people are going to get sick and die. Biden may mandate that only vaccinated people fly or use trains, but mandates will not overcome anti-vaxxer stupidity.

2wo: Afghanistan – Trump had set a deadline for troop withdrawal long before Biden pulled troops out. The vast majority of the public agreed that we needed to get our troops out. What is being overlooked is that Bush’s strategy of “nation-building” was flawed from the start.

3hree: Inflation – It’s going to come back for the simple reason that many employers are paying employees more money and want to pass the costs to consumers. The other reason is that there are still product shortages and people are stupid enough to pay more than MSRP for some new cars.

What the media is also overlooking is the damage the Republican party is doing to itself. The abortion law in Texas and voter impression measures are pissing people off. Republicans oppose the drug pricing bill, yet 75% of voters believe drug prices are too high.

Finally, we need to understand that voters are pissed off and tired. They’re tired of listening to news about COVID, they’re tired of Republicans doing what’s best for them instead of the country, and they’re tired of Democrats who lean too far to the right.

What the media loves to do is write stories like we’re watching a football game. The home team is up; the home team is down. Biden at 40% approval is still a hell of a lot better than Trump at any approval rating. By the way, Trump is going to jail.

Don’t believe the fall in Biden’s approval ratings

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